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Extract web pages to a spreadsheet or a database in a few minutes. We take care of all the rest.

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50+ companies already save time and resources with our web scraping tools!

Extract data from the Web in seconds, not days.

Create your cutomized bots, extract your data, build your tech.


Create your bots

Use an existing template, or create your own extraction bot by using our low code, visual interface. Onboarding is simple and easy.

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Extract your data

Launch your extractions at any time, parse data on the fly and send it to a Google Sheets, a CSV file or your database.

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Build your tech

Our tools provide stable infrastructures and APIs, and respect the legal framework -including GDPR- regarding data extraction.

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Web scraping for everyone.

Our state-of-the art technology is the best on the market. Here's why.

Set up and debug your bots easily

Smoothly extract JavaScript (JS) and non-JS website with our turnkey machines. Use our visual scraping, low-code tool, and we will manage proxies, browsers and cloud services for you.
You can even scrape APIs!

Competitive prices

Our costs are competitive at any volume
Scale your web scraping infrastructure in one click.
Test our tools with our free version.

Flexible tools

Automate and customize any type of human action: JS scenario, automation of searches in bars, screenshots, parsing.
Leverage on our templates for standard websites
Add any proxy in your configuration
Send extracted data to Google Sheets, CSV, MongoDB...

Help and resources

Extensive documentation, Discord channel, and stabler academy open to all! Possibility to have a managed service or ultra fast machines on demand

Flexible tech

Focus on data, not extraction!

Our clients don't develop scraping tools anymore, so they have more time & ressources to build amazing tech!

5 / 5

stablerSOLO enabled me to gather so much data on a regular basis, that I decided to adjust my business model and open a BI service

Robin M. - CEO at Robinwood
4.5 / 5

These teams know how to run a data extraction factory. They offer a combination of cutting-edge web scraping tech and expert teams, their level of service is excellent.

Fathi B. - Lead Architect at Veepee
5 / 5

We started working with stabler on a blockchain data extraction use case, but now we extract additional data to feed our AI engines. We never had this level of flexibility and service before!

John S. - Leading web3 company

Time to start.

You are one click away from launching your first data extraction, and we are with you all the way!

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Develop a competitive advantage like no other.

Extracting data is now vital in all business lines. stabler serves multiple industries and use cases

e-Commerce Websites

Product offer, Prices, Discounts, Reviews, Ratings, Descriptions, Images, Sizes


Transaction informations, NFT collection performances, Cryptocurrency prices, On-chain data, Smart contracts

Real Estate

Listings, Unstructured information on maps,
Data available based on geo-localization

Travel Data

Pricing on travel booking websites
or price comparison websites

Human Resources

Online job listings from large job boards or corporate career pages, Profile searches

Time-based Data

Share prices, Currency data,
Weather forecasts

We are a community.

We're building a community of web scraping experts and enthusiasts to help you accelerate your integration with stabler. Watch our videos and experience the supportive atmosphere of the stabler community on Discord.

20+ years experience in data extraction

Our team of co-founders and experts is ready to work with you.

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Anis Gandoura


Artificial Intelligence and data processing expert. Previously co-founded daco.io, a web scraping & AI company acquired by Veepee in 2018. At Veepee, set up the whole data extraction team and infrastructure.
Education : Polytechnique, HEC Paris


Paul Mouginot


Former strategy consultant with strong experience in data collection.
Co-founded daco.io with Anis. After the acquisition in 2018, trained and managed 30+ people dedicated to data extraction at Veepee, resulting in a significant, cost-efficient scaling of operations.
Education : CentraleSupélec, ESCP-Europe

Romain HĂ©vin_stabler.tech.jpg

Romain HĂ©vin


Worked in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, marketing in US & EU companies as a salesman on complex sales cycles. Previously founded Salesfirst in 2019 to bring his passion and expertise in sales to schools, incubators, entrepreneurs and large companies.
Education : Euridis Business School

Time to start.

You are one click away from launching your first data extraction, and we are with you all the way!

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